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About Us

INTER-CONNECTIONS CANADA INC., is an International consulting network established to assist those who wish to immigrate to and settle in Canada. This network is supported by and associated with many experienced and qualified professionals who possess several years of experience in representing its clientele. Therefore, it is able to provide a spectrum of unmatched and personalized services in related fields such as business planning, settlement and employment.
Currently there are several immigration programs in force. They constantly undergo changes and amendments. This is due to Canada's Immigration policy, which is based on its absorptive capacity in an ever-changing economy for the successful establishment of immigrants in a multi cultural environment.
Consequently, applicants are assessed against a criterion, which is currently in force. However, this assessment is not simply a mathematical exercise that it appears to be. This since several other factors have to be considered to ascertain the probability of successful establishment. The onus is upon the applicant to prove eligibility. Our services address this need in keeping with our settlement-based philosophy.
"Competent" "Experienced" "Trustworthy" and "Efficient"
Just some of the words our clients use to describe us.
"We deliver what we promise" !

The materials on this website are for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. If you have specific questions, you are encouraged to seek advice specific to your circumstances. Viewing the materials contained on this site or on any linked site, does not create a Consultant-client relationship. Inter-Connections Canada Inc. assumes no responsibility for materials posted on any linked site.

If you choose to contact us or make any inquiry concerning our services, please be advised that such contact or inquiry does not create a Consultant-client relationship. A Professional Consultant-client relationship may only be established by separate agreement.

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