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INTER-CONNECTIONS CANADA offers the following services:


A preliminary questionnaire available from all addresses listed herein will enable us to accomplish this OR send us your Resume/C.V./ Bio Data showing your age, education, ability in English/French languages, work experience, occupation description, financial resources, potential employment offers and presence if any, of a relative in Canada. Upon receipt of the same, we shall revert to you with our free comprehensive assessment, which will include the scope of our services, tailored to your needs.  If your application requires additional assistance, we will advise you and arrange for retention of a qualified professional.  Additionally, all applications may not require complete assistance. We offer a wide range of support services to assist you according to your requirement. This includes attaining select course admissions and student permits for aspirants who would like to study in Canada.

Immigration rules place the onus on the applicant to prove eligibility.  A well-presented application, which encompasses all technical aspects and intricacies of the Immigration Act and Regulations better, protects the applicant’s rights.  It also helps yield a favourable result while expediting the process and minimizing undue costs and delays. Regulatory changes to the Immigration regulations implemented on April 13th 2004 now prescribe that the Immigration department shall only deal with authorized representatives. These include qualified full members of CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).  This regulatory body was formed under the directives of the Minister for Immigration.  The principals of Inter-Connections are members in good standing of CSIC

We believe the best settlement services begin before you even get your visa and book your airline ticket. We can provide you not only with general information about Canada, but also details about our enhanced settlement services. These include advanced labour market research, job search techniques, airport pick up and accommodation in four major cities, in addition to assistance in financial planning, and school registration. In combination with our standard immigration application services, it makes for a total, solid package.
We are also engaged in expanding our settlement services with significant initiatives in the area of accommodations for new arrivals, expanding from our tradition of van pick-up service form the airport.  The uncertainty is removed as to where you will rest your head on your first nights in Canada, as our accommodations, which include ownership of property, allow us to accommodate many families at any one time. We are committed to making your first days in Canada positive and comfortable. Many clients of Inter-Connections have had very positive feelings about their first days thanks to our full-service philosophy.


There are many negative stories circulating about immigration consultants and lawyers. This has been the case for many years.  Not all are true. Unfortunately, some are.
So how can a person who is shopping around for professional representation take the necessary precautions? Well, one way is to spend some time checking out the company and people you are considering. Be at least as careful as you would about buying a new car. Immigration to a new country is far more important.
One fact to keep in mind is the existence of a regulatory body CSIC and a professional Association, called CAPIC or Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. The 900/700 members must adhere to a published Code of Ethics and abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Failure to do so can lead to a member having a complaint against them investigated by the authorities that carry severe penalties.
You should also keep in mind that your application cannot be represented by persons other than those authorized by the Canadian Government (see Who can represent you You should also know that the key professionals associated with Inter Connections Canada are Canadians and members in good standing of CAPIC and CSIC.

Carefully pre screens its clientele to assess Canadian Immigration Eligibility Criteria. To those who qualify, it recommends the procedures to follow in order to make a successful application. It also offers to prepare, submit and represent their applications to conclusion including assistance for successful settlement and establishment in Canada. It maintains that a well represented application will achieve favourable and expeditious results by easing the administrative burden on the processing personnel who implement Canada's Immigration policies.
It does not counter act or circumvent any regulations or policies established by the Government of Canada or it's Provinces but simply facilitates the process while recognizing that final decisions are rendered by the Canadian Immigration Authorities.

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