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When I immigrated to Canada in 1976 from my native Kenya, I too was heading for the greener pastures.  What I didn’t know was they are sometimes hidden by snow.
But, what was I really looking for?
Put simply, it was for a better future for me and my family.  What I had envisioned was a safe and a secure environment with opportunities to succeed without fear.  When I look back today, 30 years later, I am proud of myself for having made the right decision. Everything I had hoped for did become true.
The only stumbling block was that it took so long.  Four years, to be exact.
For today’s immigrant, unlike myself, that adjustment time has been reduced to as low as the weekend to six months.  But this depends on the frame of mind the individual comes in with.  And is possible because of those who came earlier to pave the way.
Although I figured that I had come with an open mind, only I knew in my heart of hearts that I was still taking a risk.
Today, when potential prospectors ask me whether they are making the right decision, what can I say except one man’s food can be another man’s poison.  For business entrepreneurs, I advise “look before you leap”.  In that I suggest an exploratory visit.
For others, I hope not to waste the issue on intuition or the business aspect of being able to be retained. I honestly tell the truth.  Streets may be “paved with gold” but it takes a while to excavate.  For open-minded people, who are prepared to take a ground floor opportunity and who seek Canada’s safety, security and highest standard of living (this is according to the United Nations survey which doesn’t mention weather!) I would remiss if I did not forewarn people about the teething time.
Yes Canada is looking for 265,000 Immigrants annually. And there are opportunities. You may be one of them.  The test is who can prove that they can successfully establish themselves.  Complexities of fitting the template at the risk of High non-refundable fees is certainly a deterrent.  That’s why at Inter-Connections, we do assessments at no cost or obligation. As well low fees, if retained come with our famous money back guarantees.  Expeditious results can be obtained with appropriate documentation presented correctly by professionals.
To Canada I candidly state how fortunate it is for them to have so many entrepreneurial spirited persons who are prepared to take a chance in exchange for this “hope”.  In response, Canada tells me that that is precisely the rationale behind the immigration program.  They do need people who can succeed in Canada for a mutual benefit.  So be the case, the opportunities can not have a ceiling. And they don’t.
Several immigration programs today are open to those who can prove that they can successfully establish in Canada.  We, at Inter-Connections do precisely that.  We believe in better representation, accurate documentation, expeditious processing of applications for such potential applicants, who in our opinion fit the program and can establish themselves successfully in Canada.
Needless to re-state that the cost involved includes professional time and disbursements but at a reasonable cost with our money back guarantees.